GameSpot’s 2017 video game review: The PS4 Pro is ‘not the next generation’

GameSpot, the video game site, has published its 2017 video gaming review.

Read moreGamesSpot’s review is available here.

The review is entitled “The PS4 Pros is a new beast in the gaming industry”.

The site has been reviewing various high-end gaming systems in recent years, including the new generation of Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the Xbox Scorpio.

The reviews feature a wide range of technical features including 1080p60 visuals, 3D sound and a high-resolution 1080p display.

The PS5 Pro is a newer model of the PS4, but it’s still the same system.

It’s a 5K TV-quality gaming system that’s designed to work with the PlayStation VR headset.

The Xbox Scorpia has an impressive graphical and compute capability, but its CPU is slower and the GPU is a more powerful version of the AMD Ryzen chip.

It’s also cheaper than the PS5 and PS4 consoles, which are sold at $499 and $399 respectively.