What to expect from the new Europa League final in Lyon

La Liga champions Juventus will face Lyon on Sunday in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final tie, which will be broadcast on Sky Sports.

The match, between Juve and Lyon, is set to be one of the biggest and most important fixtures in the league’s history.

It is also one of those fixtures where the winner of the tie is likely to have a significant advantage over the other teams in the group.

This is because there will be no direct competition between the two sides.

The first leg, which takes place at Stade Velodrome in Lyon on Friday, will be played on a neutral ground.

It will also be one in which both sides have been drawn to face off against each other.

That means the winner will face the loser on Sunday, as the draw was made by the UEFA/Europa League Committee on Friday evening.

The game will be watched by millions around the world, and will feature a record number of home and away matches in Europe.

It will also see a host of new faces feature on the pitch.

Here are five things you need to know:The first legs will be on a day offThe first game of the round-of-16 will be between Juventus and LyonThe winners will play the losers on SundayThe winner of that tie will go on to face the second legThe winner will have a huge advantage against the other runners-upThe winner and second-placed team will face each other in the second roundThe winner has the first opportunity to win the Europa League trophy and to qualify for the next roundThe second round will see the winners play the runners-ups, and the third round will decide the winnerThis fixture will see more than 1.3 million people turn out for the matchThe first fixture is on a Saturday night, and a huge number of people are expected to turn outThe draw was done by the Committee on Saturday eveningThe two sides will face off at Stadio Sant’AnnaArena on Friday nightThe home side will get to host the first of the two tie-breaks, with the winner taking on the runner-up on Sunday nightThe second leg is on the same day, with an average crowd of 2,000 people per matchThere are also three other home games scheduled on Sunday and one away game, against a side from the second tier of French football, in the final.

The result will be decided on a replayThe winner gets to host a replay with a 3-1 aggregate score