Why did a child’s mom have to die to save her son’s life

Children have been dying in cars since the 1980s, but their parents couldn’t save them.

So, in 2009, two sisters took their own lives in their parents’ garage to save their sons lives.

In 2009, the death of a 5-year-old girl named Karrie O’Sullivan, who died in a car accident, brought the spotlight to what happened to so many children when they got in their cars and crashed.

Her parents, Brenda and Richard O’Shaughnessy, were charged with child endangerment.

They pleaded not guilty.

Karrie’s father, Michael O’Shea, was sentenced to six months in prison.

Karrie’s mother, Barbara O’Brien, was given probation.

And the O’Heasleys were ordered to pay $50,000 in child endangerement fines.

In 2011, Karrie was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer called non-small cell lung cancer.

She had surgery on the day of the accident, but doctors couldn’t detect the cancer, the sheriff’s office said.

The O’Hare family sued the sheriff for child endangerance, claiming the sheriff ignored signs of a serious illness that could have led to the accident.

A judge ordered the Oesleys to pay the $50 million settlement.

The lawsuit was dismissed in December 2012.

But the sheriff is appealing, saying the case has nothing to do with cancer.