Shape Magazine – A Magazine for the Shape-A-Rider, Part Two: “A Beautiful Place”

Shape Magazine, a monthly magazine for the shape-a-riders, is back!

A magazine that’s more about what shape-abducting a beautiful place is than what it is about!

Shape Magazine will cover a variety of topics in the style of the shape abductor, from the natural world to the medical field, and beyond.

As always, Shape is about finding ways to transform the world into the shape of the people we are.

For the first time, Shape will feature a look at a naturalist who is trying to save the world from itself, as well as a surgeon who’s exploring the effects of the body-image problem.

In each issue, a guest article from the shape creator will be featured, followed by a photo essay by the guest writer, and the cover story on the theme of the month.

Each issue will also feature a featured interview with the shape author.

In addition to the shape abduction topics, Shape magazine will include essays on fashion, the nature of human beings, and health.

In the spirit of Shape, Shape Magazine is a weekly, full-color, digital-only magazine.

It will be available through the Shape magazine subscription platform (available through and, as well on Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play.

This magazine is produced and edited by the editor-in-chief, Mark O’Connor, who is a professional shape-artist.

O’Connor is a former shape-acrobat, a former photographer, a naturalistic photographer, and a professional naturalist.

He is also the co-founder of the Shape Project, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of natural, non-acrobatic forms in a fashion-forward and environmentally-conscious way.

As part of Shape Magazine’s mission, O’Connors goal is to encourage people to adopt non-static, nonreactive forms and to help shape-actors to be more creative, less afraid, and more free.

This issue will feature an interview with Shape author and designer Lisa Bohn, and will also include an essay by Lisa Beko, a Shape creator, about the challenges of creating the Shape book, which will also be available in print.

The Shape magazine is available now in print and on digital platforms.

The full article will be posted in October.