How to get the most out of your GoPro: How to capture the perfect shot

Posted September 28, 2018 08:06:51With the new generation of GoPro cameras on the market, the company has been making major strides in terms of quality.

It now boasts a new sensor with a resolution of 30MP and a new lens that allows for wider shots with more depth.

It also introduced the first 4K video recording with 4K, allowing for longer and clearer clips.

In this video, GoPro founder and CEO Chris Dixon and technical editor Sam Pizarro discuss the new GoPro cameras and how they can be used to capture high-quality footage.

The video starts with a discussion about the new sensor, saying that the new 30MP camera has “the largest pixel count of any camera we’ve ever produced”.

It also boasts “the best resolution of any GoPro camera we’re aware of”.

The team goes on to say that the camera is also the first GoPro to have a new camera shake reduction algorithm that “allows for a smooth, cinematic, low-distortion video”.

The first video features a very low-key take-off, but there are plenty of moments when Dixon and Pizaro can be seen filming and discussing the camera.

It’s a really easy way to get an overview of the new technology, and to get a good idea of how GoPro can make the most of the technology.

The team also touches on how the new camera is different from the old generation, which used to use a wide-angle lens to record video.

They explain that the lens can now “give us a little more depth” in a way that allows the camera to capture more detailed footage.

Pizarro and Dixon explain how they want to use the new lens to make videos of cars that look a little bit more like the real world, and how the lens will “make it possible to get more close to the action”.

It’s interesting to hear that GoPro is trying to make their technology a little less “realistic” for the camera, rather than having a more “mature” look.

The team does admit that there will still be “real world effects” that the GoPro cameras can’t capture, but that GoPro will be able to make those happen in the future.

In the video, the team talks about how the GoPro camera can be turned into a “selfie stick”, and how it can be taken off the camera and used for things like taking a selfie, or taking a video of something you want to show someone.

It sounds like GoPro is making some big strides in getting more people to try out the new cameras, which they say are “the first step towards making the most powerful and high-resolution cameras on Earth”.