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article GQ Magazine, the magazine for men and women, will publish a new magazine layout on Friday.GQ will run a design contest, called GQ Layout, for a new layout of its site that includes topics including typography, layout, typography design, typographic design inspiration and typography style.

Designing the layout for GQ’s new magazine is a challenge because the magazine doesn’t have a well-established layout design studio, said GQ editor in chief John Pemberton.

But, Pemberston said, they do have several designers, designers that can create layouts for the magazine.

Gq Layout will feature a variety of topics, from typography and typographic style to typography styles and typographical layouts, Prames said.

For example, the layout will include an article on typography to illustrate the various typographic styles.

Gemma Crouch, GQ Style Editor, said the layout could also include typography designs from the digital world.

She said the magazine’s digital team has recently been exploring new ways to incorporate the typeface typeface into its content.

Crouch said it was hard for the digital team to get the layout design team to focus on the typefaces.

“I think that’s the challenge,” she said.

“The digital team is really focused on their current project.

When you hover over a typeface in the design tool, you will be able to see its typography. “

It’s been a little bit of a challenge to keep up with all of the new technology.”GQ Style will also be introducing a new design feature on the site.

When you hover over a typeface in the design tool, you will be able to see its typography.

Crouch said the feature is similar to the “Typeface Spotlight” feature of GQ and looks at different typographic fonts and styles to help you find typographic ideas that fit your design.GEMMA COULDSON, Gq Style Editor: GQ is a great brand to be part of.

We have been really lucky to have a great design team that really understands typography well.

The typography team is working on a lot of new things and we are excited about that.

We love the typography part of it.

And then I love the fact that we can bring it to the site as a separate feature.

It’s a great addition to the GQ design portfolio.

The new layout will be available for preview this week.

Pemberton said Gq is planning to launch a new “typeface inspiration” section in the next issue.