What is the difference between an adult and a niche magazine?

As part of its “adult magazine” initiative, National Geographic magazine launched the “Adult and Pundit” section on Thursday.

It features content that covers politics, science, travel, fashion, movies and television.

The section features posts that highlight various personalities and topics, as well as an article that features an interview with a celebrity or a political figure.

National Geographic’s editor-in-chief, Jim McBride, told reporters that the “adult and pundit” sections are designed to provide “a space where the media can be more transparent.”

The news organization has traditionally focused on covering issues of public interest such as climate change and the Ebola outbreak.

But with the Ebola pandemic in West Africa, many of its articles have focused on the social issues of the epidemic.

National Geography has also been an advocate for gun control and other gun rights issues.

The magazine’s online section has also included content on climate change, the effects of the opioid crisis and the dangers of smoking.

The section has been used to air videos and other content on the environment, but McBride said the focus of the “adversarial” section will be on “what is happening around the world.”