How to write a better book cover

Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan magazine has launched a new cover design competition to help it “re-imagine the look” of its magazine.

The contest will be run for a year starting in 2018, and winner will receive $1 million.

The design for the new cover will be chosen from the design submissions from the 2016 Cosmopolitan Fashion Design Awards.

Cosmopolitan will choose a winner each month from the submissions.

The winner will be announced on June 10, 2018.

The company said the competition is the first time it has launched this contest, which it said was created to help “celebrate our industry’s commitment to creating beautiful and memorable design, which will be the focus of the magazine’s 2018 design theme.”

It also announced that Cosmo will use the design to help promote its new product, CosmoTreat.

Cosmo’s new design contest is part of a broader effort to create a more beautiful magazine.

Cosmetics maker Sephora will be launching its own beauty contest this fall.

The magazine said Cosmo is launching its first beauty contest in 2018.