How did this little girl get the ‘superman’ nickname?

This little girl got the nickname Superman because her parents were all Superman fans.

They even bought her a Superman t-shirt to show off her newfound Superman fandom.

Now, as her friends start to learn about the character, they’ve taken to using the name to refer to their friend, and she’s got her own Superman t.v. program.

“I think it’s awesome,” said her mother, Danielle Williams.

“My daughter is a Superman fan and we’re trying to raise awareness about it and she likes it.

She’s like, ‘Hey, Superman, why are you so cool?'”

The show has been watched more than 2 million times and the show’s fans have become like superheroes themselves.

It’s been watched over 2 million time on YouTube.

Danielle Williams says the family’s main concern has been the young girl’s mental health, but she’s proud of the program and the effort her daughter has put into it.

“It’s like Superman, it’s a little bit of a hero, but it’s also a little girl that has to live in the world with these superpowers,” she said.

“She’s just trying to be super.”

The show’s creator says it’s important to show that kids are capable of super powers and the family is making a positive impact.

“We have the tools, but we need the people that can be heroes,” she told ABC News.

“A lot of kids are getting bullied at school, so you don’t know if your kid is going to get a super-powered superhero costume.”

Danielle Williams is the executive producer of the superhero show, which she created and stars in with her brother Matt.

The family says it has reached over 1.6 million viewers since the show first aired in April.

Ms Williams says her main motivation for making the show is to give young people a reason to keep trying to learn more about the superheroes.

“There’s a huge opportunity in this generation of young people, I think it really has to do with the fact that kids can grow up in an age of superheroes,” she explained.

“When kids grow up with Superman and Batman and Iron Man, that’s not only their superhero dream, but also their hero dream.”

Ms Williams said it’s about building up the power of the superheroes and getting them to learn and work together.

“Superheroes are really powerful because they have super powers,” she added.

“And that’s why they are heroes.”