The Best of Arsenal’s Champions League 2018

12/25/2018 11:24:33 The Arsenal fans were in a frenzy when the Gunners lost in the last-16 of the Champions League.

And while it was a humiliating defeat, the way they went out of the group stages was a breath of fresh air.

The Gunners are a team that are still hungry for trophies and are capable of upsetting the odds at any time.

Arsenal are always in the hunt for the Premier League title and have never been relegated.

The only thing that has stopped them from achieving that goal is the support of Arsenal fans and their own hard work.

They can’t have it all.

Here are the 10 things we learned from their incredible campaign.


They’re still hungry and hungry for Champions League football They have had two big victories over Arsenal in the Champions league so far, and will continue to compete for a top four finish with a big win over the Gunns on Sunday.

They are a title-contending side and will be aiming to make history in 2018 by reaching the final, which they will need to do if they are to make the quarter-finals.

But, they have not been the team to take the title away from them.

There have been some great performances from the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Santi Cazorla and Santi Mina, but it will be a big ask for Arsenal to beat Chelsea and Real Madrid in the final to retain their place.

Arsenal fans will be hoping that the squad can continue their form from the previous season and that they can continue to produce some of the best players in the world.

They have the quality to win it all, but this is about Arsenal’s desire to win the Champions.


The squad is set to be a force to be reckoned with Arsenal are expected to be strong in defence with Kieran Gibbs, Tomas Rosicki, Mathieu Flamini, Laurent Koscielny, Mathias Ntep and Jack Wilshere all in good form.

The midfield is full of quality and will have the firepower to cope with any team.

They will also have the strength in depth to deal with any teams in the competition.


There’s still plenty of quality in the squad Wenger said that the main thing he’s looking forward to at the start of the new season is to have the squad as strong as possible and the players that he believes are ready to take on the big clubs.

He said that his first priority is the young players and that he wants to bring in quality.

His priority is also on his young players.

He has been saying that they are not getting enough game time in the Premier league, and he knows that he needs more players to help him achieve that.

He’s not letting the squad stagnate and is willing to give them more minutes if it means that they have more quality to play with.

The young players are good, but we need to have more.


Alexis Sanchez is a good signing Arsenal have been one of the most consistent teams in England’s top flight this season, but the club is not a team of superstars.

Alexis is a quality footballer, but he’s not going to become the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

Alexis’s strengths lie in his pace and ability to create goals from set-pieces.

He can also score goals when he wants and will definitely have the potential to score goals at a very high level.

Arsenal have added some good quality in this transfer window and they’re going to be contenders in the title race next season.


Wenger has had to take a step back in the summer with his squad The manager of Arsenal has had some difficult decisions to make with his side.

He will have to do it again this summer, as he has to bring his team back to its best.

There is a lot of talent in the side and the squad has to get stronger to defend at the top of the league.

He also has to decide whether he wants the squad to stay together or move on.

He did that this summer by bringing in Theo Walcott, Laurent Sanchez and Theo Walberg to help Arsenal regain their form.

He is still confident in his team and he will continue with that in the future.


The Arsenal way to win in the air Wenger is still one of those managers who can do it all in one season.

He doesn’t need a team to win games and he has the squad capable of playing a great game on the ball.

He uses his players to create chances and they have been a big part of the Arsenal side this season.

They still have a lot to learn and the manager is always looking for the best way to achieve that goal.


The new signings will bring quality to the team They are still a team with a lot in common, and Wenger has been looking to build something more.

He brought in Tomas Rosic, Mathiou Santi, Alexis Sanchez and Jack Walcott to help the squad strengthen, while Kieran Gibson and Aaron Ramsey have been added to