How to Fix the GOP’s Media Problem

LUCIA POTTER, host: As you may know, President Donald Trump took a break from his golf course in Virginia today and spent a bit of time talking to the local news.

And what he talked about is the media.

And, you know, one of the things that people tend to do is talk about the media, because it’s a part of the way we’re governed.

And they’re just as likely to talk about politics, as the rest of us.

And one of our big problems is the way that we’re reporting on the news, because we don’t have a good idea of how much we’re getting, and I think that’s a big problem.

The news is a huge part of our lives.

And so we tend to focus on what’s going on in the news rather than the news itself, because the news has so much to do with us, and we can’t really think about other things.

But that’s also why I love the National Review, because I think we’re so biased against the press, and when we’re not biased, it’s really difficult to get things done.

But, you’re right, we have a problem.

We’ve got a media that’s almost entirely owned by special interests.

And the way the media works is that the journalists who write the stories are paid by special interest groups.

And it’s sort of like a big secret that all of us who work in journalism, that if we don’ t tell the truth, we’ll be fired, you and I both know that.

So, we tend not to tell the facts, and the fact that the media has become a massive political party, in part, because of a system that was built on lies and distortions and distortions of the facts has created a lot of problems.

And that’s one of those big problems that we’ve got to fix.

So I think one of things we’ve really got to do in this country is, you’ve got these media outlets, and if you want to be an effective journalist, you really have to start to get out and tell the people what you think.

You have to do a little more research, you have to go out and find people who are actually going to do your job, because when you start out, you kind of think that if you don’t do it right, you’ll never make it in journalism.

So that’s what I’m really trying to do, I’m trying to get more journalists who are truly interested in the job.

So you know we have to get them to know that the truth matters, and you can’t be too careful.

You can’t say things to the press that don’t make sense, because you might have to pay them a price down the road.

And if you’re a real journalist, when you do that, the media becomes much more accountable, because they actually do tell the news the way they’re supposed to.

So what I think is a lot to be done is a re-think of the whole media.

I think a lot needs to be changed about how we get the stories right, about how the stories get put together, and it’s been really hard to get it done.

I mean, it seems like the whole concept of the New York Times and the Washington Post has just been, like, a bunch of little, tiny little magazines, with one editor who is supposed to be a master of all the little pieces, but there’s no one else there, and no one really is there, because there’s only so many people on the planet who can do that.

And now that it’s the big, big, powerful media, and they’re in charge of everything, they’re kind of just running things.

And I think, you see, it used to be, if you went to the New Yorker and you saw a good story, it was your job to write about it.

And you had to go to The Wall Street Journal and say, you can do this.

And we used to call it The New York Post, and now it’s The Washington Post.

And this is the kind of system, and this is what’s really happened.

And a lot has changed.

And let me tell you something.

I’ve been reading The Atlantic and The Atlantic Monthly for years, and my first thought was, that’s just another magazine.

And there’s a lot more to it.

It’s the same kind of thing, you think, what are the stories here?

The big story is the big story.

And here’s what we’re really looking at.

It used to have to be the big thing, because, you understand, that was the way it was before, you had big, great newspapers, and everybody was doing it.

Now, it doesn’t work like that anymore.

Now the media is really, really big.

It is, in a way, a giant media company.

And all the other big media companies are really, actually, just smaller companies,