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Your Moving Experts!

We are your moving experts at Organize It Roanoke!. Let us take away your stress and coordinate your move from start to finish. Not only do we help you sort through and organize your belongings before you move, we also unpack, organize and set up in your new home!!! We take care of everything from […]


New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from us at Organize It Roanoke! If one of your goals for 2015 is to get organized, we can help. De-cluttering and organizing are very commonly chosen for new year’s resolutions. Most people don’t know where to start with these tasks. Most people are also fearful that once they get organized they […]

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Free, Printable Check List: Holiday Planning

Are you on track for the holidays? Use this “To Do List” to keep up! Stay Organized and have less stress! Print your free list using the link below Holiday Planning Checklist  

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We pack you, move you, unpack you and set you up!

Organize It Roanoke! is there from start to finish during your move. We will help you sort through your things, designate items for donation or sale, pack your entire home, move you to your new home, unpack your entire house and set everything up in your new home. Check out the pictures from this client’s […]


It’s your life, get ORGANIZED!

-Avoid Being Overscheduled- This time of year, (especially), many of us tend to take on more and more responsibility. Then before we know it, our plates are not only full, but overflowing. Before getting to a point of exhaustion and resentment (which often comes from doing too much for too many), make a conscious choice […]

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New Member!

We are excited to announce that Organize It Roanoke! is now a proud member of the Salem Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce!

Daytime Blue Ridge: Dorm Room

Check out these ideas for starting the school year off right! Also, don’t forget to get our Dorm Room Checklist. Print it out and mark off your items as you go! Click Here

College Dorm Room Checklist

Sleep __Pillows/Pillow Protectors/Cases __Mattress Pad __Mattress Topper __Sheets (we recommend at least 2 sets) __Comforter __Throw/Blanket __Alarm Clock __Bedside Caddy Bed Bug Protection! __Mattress Protector  __Pillow Protector  __Bed Bug Spray Shower __Towels __Washcloths __Hand Towels __Sponge/Poof __Shower Tote/Caddy __Toothbrush/Soap Holders __Shower Shoes __Scale __Hair Care Caddy __Make-Up Caddy __Bath Mat/Rug __Shower Curtain/Liner/Rings __Bathroom Cleaners __Toilet […]

Daytime Blue Ridge: Back to School!

Yikes! Can you believe we are already talking about going back to school? It’s right around the corner! Here are our thoughts on reducing your stress: Click Here