New York girls’ life magazine to launch in January 2018

New York’s Girl’s Life magazine will be launching in January.

The magazine will feature the first issue of its brand new subscription service, Girl’, a new subscription model that lets readers subscribe to monthly magazine subscriptions, or “girls-life,” with one-day or monthly-only offers.

“We are proud to have such a huge fan base of girls,” said CEO Julia McGehee, adding that the company is “delighted” with the response.

“It is an amazing and incredibly popular and loyal audience that we are lucky to have.”

The Girl’s life magazine is the latest brand-new subscription model to launch under the brand new magazine label, joining Girl and Boy.

Girl’ will launch with six issues, priced at $39.99, a 50 percent discount off of the previous price.

“For us, it’s a great way to continue to innovate and keep the momentum going,” McGeee said.

The new Girl’s lifeline will feature new topics and topics focused on topics of interest to girls and young women.

The brand new site will be available in January and features exclusive content on topics such as girls-life, family, friendship, and more.

The launch comes as the U.S. market continues to see record teen birth rates.

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