What if magazines got bigger and better?

What if you could order a magazine online and order the exact magazine cover, instead of the cover image?

You could even order a cover from one of the most influential magazines of all time, but you would have to go to a third-party company that would deliver it to your door.

That’s what a startup called “magazine-maker” company i.magazine is proposing to do.

The company, which was founded in December, has been in talks with retailers and publishers for the past year about creating a service that would let people order magazine covers online.

If it can get enough funding to do so, it will allow customers to buy magazines directly from the companies that produce them.

The service would then let users choose the magazine cover they want, rather than having to wait for a third party to deliver it.

Magazine-maker’s business model isn’t new.

Last year, i.

Magazine started accepting payments for magazine covers through the service, which then made it easier for customers to find a magazine cover to order.


Cmagazines had similar plans for a few years, but these services didn’t last very long.

Last fall, iMagazine decided to sell itself, and the company has since gone private.

The business model is still being considered by the i.M.

Magazine board, which has been working to figure out how to make money on the service.

“We’ve been talking with a lot of people about the business model and the possibilities of a magazine-maker for a while,” said i.

Magazine CEO and founder Jason Siegel.

“We were very happy with what we learned from it, but we were also very sad that we didn’t get to do that.

That’s what we’ve been looking for, is a way to bring the magazine business back.”

The startup is currently in talks to retailers about selling magazines on the iM.

Magazines platform, and it plans to start accepting payments later this year.

It’s not clear how much the service will cost, or when the first magazine covers will be available, but i.m.magazines has raised $15 million in funding, so the company says it’s looking to expand quickly.

It plans to ship its first magazine cover in September.

The business model i.cmagazines will be offering is a little different from the other magazines that are already in the market, because the magazine-makers would be paying publishers directly.

Instead of paying for a magazine, iCmagazine will be charging for the cover, which will then be delivered by i.p. magazine distributor.

That will enable i.n.c. to offer its own cover, and other magazines will be able to choose from them.

But the magazines will not be able buy the magazine itself.

Instead, iMMagazines is offering a subscription-based service that allows subscribers to order the cover for just $1.99.

The subscription will also include access to the magazine’s entire catalog.

The magazine’s website lists a variety of different cover options for the magazine, including the cover of the hit New York Times bestseller, the cover from the new Star Wars film, and more.

iCMagazines has also partnered with a publisher, Random House, to provide cover samples to subscribers who want to buy a magazine from the service’s catalog.

In the future, the company hopes to be able offer a broader range of cover options.

i.c magazines also has other plans for its future.

The startup has already built a store in Shanghai that it hopes to expand into a major international outlet.

It has also been talking to a number of companies about building a service in Europe, and Siegel said that it could eventually bring a new magazine cover service to Europe.

I.mag magazines will continue to sell magazines, but it will be a subscription service, and its current model is a bit limited, he said.

At the same time, i Cmagazines is planning to launch a magazine subscription service in the United States this year, he added.

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