Why are Indians so scared of the polio virus?

The government in India has been struggling to curb the spread of the new polio virus.

The virus has killed at least 7.8 lakh people since March, and health experts are worried the country is heading towards a polio epidemic.

In a country of a million people, India has one of the highest rates of polio in the world, with the latest data showing India has seen over 3 million cases of the virus.

The country has seen its first case in the capital, New Delhi, and the worst-affected areas of Delhi and the surrounding region are in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

India has reported nearly 8,000 cases of polio.

The latest figures suggest a further 3,000 more cases have been recorded.

The government has blamed the spread on the recent coronavirus pandemic, which brought the disease to a halt for almost three months.

However, a recent survey shows that people are still not getting vaccinated against polio, and many of them continue to fall ill.

According to the latest information, the last vaccine, the two-dose regimen, has been distributed to about 5.6 million Indians, and only 8,500 people have been vaccinated against the coronaviruses COVID-19 and EV-D68.

The other 6,500 cases are under treatment.