An Ex-Cop Speaks Out About His Fight Against Police Corruption

An ex-cop from Georgia has written an article for the Advocate magazine about his fight against police corruption and how his story changed the way he viewed his job.

In this exclusive excerpt, Alex Sideris talks about how his work as a police officer changed his perception of what being a police official is.

“I didn’t realize I was a police chief, or that I was going to be paid to do this,” Siderys father told The Advocate.

“When I started as a cop, it was always the assumption that I had to do something to help people and get them to come in.

I wasn’t thinking of helping the community.

I was thinking of saving lives.”

The Advocate is currently running an excerpt from the article in the magazine’s issue, “Policing in America: A Conversation with Alex Siders father.”

In the piece, Sideras father explains that as a teen he was sent to a home for troubled children, where he was repeatedly beaten by other officers, including one who was in his custody when Sideres father was assaulted.

“It became apparent to me that the person in charge of the home was just the same person that was beating me,” Siders dad told the magazine.

The story about Sideri was published in the Advocate last week. “

What they were doing was abusing me, and that’s just not right.”

The story about Sideri was published in the Advocate last week.

Siders father told the publication that after he was hired as a patrol officer in 2005, he was assigned to a small, rural town near his home in the small Georgia city of Marietta.

“The place was rough,” he said.

“There were no bathrooms, no running water.

I didn’t have electricity, so we had to get water from a creek in the back of our home.

The water was cold and the air was stale.

I would sit there for hours in the cold, dark, wet rain, and just stare into the creek and just wait.”

The police chief had other ideas.

“I was very protective of him and my son,” he told the Advocate.

“[Sideri] was very intimidating.

He told me I was dangerous to him.

He said he was going on an ambush.

That was how he treated me.””

I became a police captain,” Sides dad added.

“He came in and he just started harassing me.

He would say, ‘What the fuck are you doing here?’

I’d say, I’m in town.

He was always threatening.

And he would say that he was an FBI agent.

But he would make fun of me.””

As a captain, you’re supposed to be on top of your game, and I was always on top.

But he would make fun of me.”

When the chief arrived at his house one day, he found his son in the yard playing, and the two of them went into the yard to play.

Siders son was angry that the police were there.

“He came up behind my son and started kicking him,” he recalled.

“Then, when I yelled at him, he just took off running.

I called 911, and he ran through the house.”

Sideris son and his father went into another house that night, and Siderias son saw a man who looked like the chief in his uniform, and when Siders sons son asked him why he was there, the chief responded that he didn’t want to go inside, because he thought it was a trap.

“And I ran to my car. “

The chief ran to his car, too, and they chased him down the road. “

And I ran to my car.

The chief ran to his car, too, and they chased him down the road.

They said, I think you’re in a trap.’

That deputy told him, ‘You can’t be here. “

The next day, Siders daughter, who had been working as a teacher in another community, saw the deputy in the hallway, yelling at her son.”

That deputy told him, ‘You can’t be here.

You’ve been accused of murder,'” she told the Lad.

Sider was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and received a suspended sentence.

Siders son’s case was resolved with the release of a police report, and an internal investigation.

After the officer resigned, the department began to hire more experienced officers to patrol areas with high crime rates.

If I was in their shoes,” Siding told the paper, “I would’ve never said that