The Playgirl magazine ad that got banned by Google is now available again

Playgirl Magazine has officially released the ad they used to promote their new edition of the Playboy.

The Playgadgets website says the ad was pulled due to “safety concerns” and that “we’ve taken this action due to Google’s recent policy change that affects the Playgads ad.”

That means Google can’t be forced to remove the ad because of safety concerns.

But the Playgirl didn’t pull the ad from Google’s site, instead it’s been replaced with a new ad that looks much more like a promotional piece of content from Playboy, featuring a woman playing a game called Super Meat Boy.

The ad, which is a promotional video for the latest edition of Playgirl, was pulled from Google because Google had decided to block it.

That means it won’t appear on Google’s search results anymore.

In a statement to Recode, Playgirl’s VP of Communications Amy Karp said they pulled the ad “due to safety concerns.”

We’ll update the article if and when Google pulls it back.

Google’s new policy changes are likely to affect Playgid ads on Google search, as Google will no longer be able to make ads appear alongside other search results.

Google said it will continue to be “a safe, effective platform for advertising,” and will continue its efforts to make it as safe as possible for advertisers to run their ads.

Google has been a target of criticism in the past for its ad blocking policy, but the company has come a long way since the early days of Google Search, and it’s clear Google’s focus on safety has paid off.