Why is the American girl magazine so obsessed with the beach

Surfer Magazine has been dubbed “the baby of the summer” by surf magazine Life, and it’s not just because of its sexy, beach-friendly pictures.

Surfer magazine also has a huge following on Instagram, with nearly 100 million followers.

Surfing magazine Life has more than 20 million followers, and Life has been accused of pushing the limits of its female readership in recent years.

The magazine has even been accused by several of sexual harassment.

Now Surfer, which was launched in 2010, has taken a stand against the magazine’s critics. 

“We’re proud to say that our magazines are not for the faint of heart,” Surfer’s CEO said in a statement to the publication.

“We’re not afraid to speak out against sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia.” 

“The Surfer has always been about empowering women,” said Surfer.

“The Surf magazine has been around for more than a decade, and we know how important it is to be seen in a positive light.

This is the right thing to do.” 

 Surfer Magazine is currently in the midst of a national marketing campaign in which it has taken aim at the magazine for its alleged promotion of sexual violence and harassment. 

The Surfing Magazine has been accused over the years of pushing sexual violence on its female reader base and the Surfer says that its women-only policies are part of its message. 

“[The magazine’s] advertising and sales strategy is to sell magazines that sell magazines,” Surf said.

“In our opinion, that’s not the way to go about it.

We do not think it’s the right way to proceed. 

 “Women need to be empowered and that means empowering women to make a positive impact in society.” 

Surf says that it’s time for the Surfing magazines advertising to be changed to reflect the diversity of its readership. 

On Sunday, Surfer announced that it will launch an investigation into the magazine. 

Surfing Magazine has said it will continue to be a supportive community and will continue publishing women-focused content, which includes interviews with women who are surfers. 

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