Top-selling books in the UK in 2018

In 2018, the Top-sellers for the 10-year period were: “The Little Things” by Kate Upton (HarperCollins, £15.99) “Gladys: The True Story of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by Elizabeth Taylor (Picador, £17.99). 

“I’m a Girl” by Gwen Stefani (Livestrong, £14.99), “Love” by Amy Schumer (Hulu, £16.99)–both of which sold more than 1.6m copies.

In the 10 years before, the books in 2018 were: “Savage Beauty” by Joanna Lumley (B&N, £7.99, 6,500 copies) (Savage, out in October 2019) “[The Unnatural World of Gwen’s] Little Sister” by Julie Delpy (Hannah & Mary, £10.99; out in December 2019) “My Favorite Things” (Picadilly Books, £4.99 for a limited time, £6.99 for a full year) The UK Book Awards for 2018: The Best Books of 2018   Book of the Year   Best Writer Best Short Story Best Author Best Non-Fiction Best Fantasy Best New Publication Best Anthology Best Graphic Novel Best Publication for Young Readers Best Publishing for Young People Best Novel for Young Adults Best Children’s Book Best Child’s Fiction Best Young Adult Novel Grand Prize Best Independent Book of the Week Best Adult Fiction The bestsellers in 2018: “Gladies: The Truth About a Very Special Girl” “My Best Friend’s Wedding”  “Rising Sun”  “Saving Mr Banks”  “Wife” Best Foreign Language “Titanic” The Great American Novel” New Best Writer  Best Short Story  Best Artist  Best Children’s Novel Newest Best Author  The year’s biggest booksellers: Amber Lee “Mountain of Fire” Gwen Stefans “The Little People” Joanna Lumy Kate Upton Amy Schumer Julie Delpy Rita Sarsour Best Australian Publisher The “Kiwi Book Awards” (September 2018) Best Publisher  (July 2018)Best Book (June 2018)New Publisher (March 2018)Gwen and Joanna are on Twitter.